Dr. John R. Brinkley

Kansas State Historical Society

“Told with uproarious brio…heavenly…A book so lively that its wild stories are virtually wall to wall.”
Janet Maslin, New York Times

“Hugely amusing [but also] dark and cautionary, a reminder of the high price of gullibility and ignorance.”
Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post Book World

“Wonderful American social history and lots of fun.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Brock exploits the outlandishness of Brinkley's escapades to brilliant comic effect.”

“If Hollywood hasn't already optioned Pope Brock's "Charlatan," an account of the rise and fall of the all-American quack "Dr." John R. Brinkley, what's keeping it? Costume a halfway decent actor in a white suit, spectacles and Vandyke beard, scare up a dozen matching Depression-era Cadillacs, all painted to match the red (later lime-green) exterior of his Ludwig-of-Bavaria mansion in Del Rio, Texas. Stage a gruesome scene of Brinkley transplanting goat testicles into an impotent man, a crowd scene of him campaigning for governor of Kansas and drunk scenes in which he brandishes guns and butcher knives. Insert cameos by Father Flanagan of Boys Town (a friend and supporter), the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (who rented one of Brinkley's three yachts) and the Carter Family (the royals of country music). Build up to a white-knuckle courtroom scene—and count the money.”
David Gates, NEWSWEEK

“An entrancing book.... Brock masterfully captures this amazing and amusing history.”
USA Today

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